The India we want

The India We Want is back!
It's time to welcome the second coming of The India We Want - a , Maharashtra initiative! Like last year, all you have to do is tell us what your vision of India is like. This is your chance to be heard, to make a better future for yourself and for future generations. It is about making this country you live in, the best it can be.

The India We Want is an initiative supported by Aptech. It is a competition open to bright young minds who will take charge of their future. It is a channel, a platform that offers you an opportunity to speak your mind - in words, images or film.

We live in a connected world. A new thought, a fresh idea, a small change in one corner of the world impacts bigger changes all over the globe. You can bring about that small change. It does not matter whether you live in India or not. As a citizen of the world, you know what is best. If you are a student of Class VIII or above, this is the time to voice your opinion.

So put your thoughts into


You can choose any avenue to express yourself. Give us a glimpse of your vision, dreams and aspirations for India in the future. You can be as creative as possible. You can have more than one idea. We want to read and see them all!

Register today to participate in the contest & tell us about the kind of India you want!


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